How To Fit Blinds

Installing a roller blind in a window is really easy. However, in order to do it correctly you must be sure that the roller blind fits correctly. To do this you will need to determine where you want the blind, measure the space, cut the blind, and install it into the window.

Part 1: Determining What Blind You Need

Part 1-1

1. Determine the placement of the blind

Although roller blinds are typically installed inside of the window frame, it can also sit outside of the window frame or above the window. The location of the blind is personal preference. Make sure that you determine where you would like to install the blind before buying the blind.[1]

  • Hold the blind up to the window to visually see where you would like to secure the brackets.

  • Use a pencil to mark where you want to blind to be secured.

Part 1-2

2. Measure the space

Use a tape measure to measure the distance of the space that you would like to blind to be secured. Measure horizontally from one point to the other point.[2]

Part 1-3

3. Purchase a roller blind

Use a tape measure to measure the distance of the space that you would like to blind to be secured. Measure horizontally from one point to the other point.[2]

Part 2: Deciding on the Placement

Part 2-1

1. Decide on the placement of the chain

Evaluate the space and determine which side of the blind you would like the chain to hang down. Most roller blinds allow you to change the side that the chain hangs on.[3]

  • For example, if you have a chair to the left of the window, you may decide to hang the chain on the left for easier access.

Part 2-2

2. Determine which way you want the blind to roll

The blind can either roll under or over the roller. Typically, the blind is positioned so that it rolls under the roller. However, if you have objects that protrude from the window, you may decide to roll the blind over the roller. This way, the blind will not be obstructed when it is pulled down over the window.[4]

Part 2-3

3. Secure the brackets

Using a hand drill, secure the brackets that came with the roller blind. Make sure that the brackets are screwed in tightly to prevent the blind from falling.[5]

  • Follow the instruction manual that come with your blinds. Every roller blind is slightly different.

Part 3: Hanging the Blind

Part 3-1

1. Cut the blind to fit the space

If you blind is too large for the window, you will need to cut it to fit the space. Remove the blind from the roller. Measure the amount of blind that you need to remove. Draw a line all the way up the blind’s fabric with a pencil. Cut vertically up the fabric. Reattach the fabric to the roller.[6]

  • Measure the space one more time to verify the measurements before making any cuts to the blind.

  • When securing the fabric back on the roller, it is important to make sure that the fabric is secured perfectly horizontally. If not, the fabric will not roll correctly on the roller.

Part 3-2

2. Hang the blind on the brackets

Wedge the blind into the brackets that you have already secured. Make sure that you are following the instructions that are provided with your roller blind to ensure proper installation.

Part 3-3

3. Attach the chain to the wall

Secure the chain to the wall with the screws provided. Use a hand drill for best results.

  • Some chains hang loosely beside of the blind. If this is the case, do not worry about securing the chain.

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