Eco Blinds

bloc eco blindsThe Eco Blind system allows the blind to be placed at any position from fully opened to fully closed. The fabric runs down two side rails, which stops the light from directly entering the room. A seal system on the bottom operating handle contacts the window sill blocking the light from entering. ThisĀ total light control system is discrete too, with slim sections on the top and sides of the window and nothing on the bottom sill, it blends into the room decor with ease.

They result in up to a 47% heat loss reduction!! The blinds are also designed to reduce solar gain. In the summertime, the white reflective backing on all the blackout fabrics reflects the sun’s rays and therefore stops the sunshine from heating the room. In the wintertime, the thermal fabric and the ‘sealing’ effect of the blind, traps the air between the fabric and the glass. This prevents air from circulating around the window and thus stops the air from being cooled by the glazing pane, reducing in heat loss through the window.

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